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Welcome to Ryokan Kobase!

Our Ryokan* has a history of 150 years since 1870, and has existed through the Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei and Reiwa eras.

* Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn, featuring classical Japanese cuisine, rooms with tatami mats, communal baths, and other public areas where guests may wear yukata, and interact with the innkeepers.


Please tuck into our famous Echizen-Gani and Kaiko-Don, featuring the famed male and female Snow Crabs found only in the waters of Fukui prefecture. Our crab cuisine can be enjoyed with our wonderful array of crab dishes, fresh fish, shrimp, shellfish, and other seafood delights from the Echizen region.


Let the magnificent view of the sunset over the sea, and the glow of the fishing-lure fires at night soothe your heart, as you relax in the Onsen (hot spring baths).

[What’s New]

Our Ryokan has Free WiFi! 

Obtain your WiFi ID and password at reception.

All major credit cards are accepted to pay the hotel bill。

you can use ALIPAY 支付宝.

Welcome to the Shoryudo
Dragon Route


KAIKO-DON is our specialty dish. Eight female (Seiko-gani) snow crabs caught in Fukui Prefecture go into preparing each regular-sized order. It is very delicious and looks gorgeous. We only serve them for 50 days from November to December. Female crabs are very special, and can only be caught from Nov 6th till the end of December.  Hong Kong and many other countries were introduced to the delectable Kaiko-Don by prominent food critic and columnist Chua Lam, and the dish has been featured on television, newspapers and more.


Our famed special - ECHIZEN-Gani crab – is only available and served from Nov – May


Please note:

Our product prices have been revised in November 2018 to meet the rising cost of crab. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Kaiko Don Serving Size and Prices (not including Tax)

Regular: 8 female crabs (1-4 people) ¥14,000 +TAX

1 ½ size: 6 female crabs (1-3 people) ¥10,000 +TAX

Half-size: 4 female crabs (1-2 people) ¥7,000 +TAX


KAIKO-DON is served in a large bowl that is big enough to share.


Echizen crab lunch.

¥12,000 +TAX Boled Echizen-gani crab"1pice par 2 persons",Baked crab,Grilled crab shell ,Crab with seat vinega,Crab Innards.

¥17,000 +TAX Boled Echizen-gani crab"1pice par one person",Baked crab,Grilled crab shell ,Crab with seat vinega,Crab Innards.

¥17,000 +TAX Boled Echizen-gani crab"1pice par 2 persons"Crab osashimi ,Baked crab,Grilled crab shell ,Crab with seat vinega,Crab Innards.

¥22,000 +TAX Boled Echizen-gani crab"1pice par one person",Crab osashimi ,Baked crab,Grilled crab shell ,Crab with seat vinega,Crab Innards.

please select KAIKO-DON.

spacial corse

¥25,000+TAX crab corse +KAIKO-DON

¥30,000+TAX crab corse +KAIKO-DON "more biger Boled Echizen-gani crab".



[Mitsuboshi-Wakasa-usi (Beef)]

The fine Wakasa beef is top-ranked at A5. Three-starred Wakasa beef(三ツ星 Three stars)is the highest grade of this quality beef.


Uni (sea urchin) is typically eaten fresh in our Ryokan as sashimi, accompanied by wasabi and soy sauce.

Awabi (abalone) is an exclusive and luxury ingredient, characterized by a firm, almost crunchy texture. Best eaten as sashimi or prepared like sauteed steak.

[Couple Rocks & a breathtaking Sunset]

Meoto Iwa, meaning Couple Rocks, is a beautiful sight in the setting sun. Only about a 5 minute walk from our Ryokan, and very popular with couples. A magical place, with a tiny shrine.


[Sea View & Onsen]

You can enjoy the fantastic view of the sunset from your room. Watch for black-tailed gulls, and the fishing lights used to catch squid. *Views are seasonal and subject to weather


We await your arrival with specially prepared local sake

Choose from:


· Kokuryu Shizuku(しずく)*

· Kokuryu Hachijuhachigo(八十八号)*

· Kokuryu Jungin No.38(純吟三十八号)

...and more.

* The premium sake.



· Dan(団)*

· Gokuhizo daiginjo(極秘造大吟醸)

· Tokishirazu(ときしらず) 

· Born Gold(ゴールド)

... and more.

*A high-grade daiginjo made with pure polished rice, and a 20% milling rate.


We have more than ten kinds of fine sake available for you. 


Looking for DASSAI(獺祭), one of Japan’s most famous sake? Yes! We have it!


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